'Young Eagles Hit One Million' 

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New Horizons for a New Generation

Young people hold the key to our future. To direct their energy, enthusiasm and potential into positive, fulfilling activities like aviation is to open doors to new and exciting horizons. It is our mission - and our responsibility - to do everything we can to help young people discover and reach their full potential.

The Young Eagles program has been developed by the EAA Aviation Foundation to welcome young people into the world of aviation. Aviation is exciting and vital to our nation's future. Participation in the Young Eagles Program will help them understand that an individual's potential is unlimited.

Intl. Hon. Chairman of the Young Eagles Program
General Chuck Yeager

Retired General Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager was the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound. A World War II "ace" with more than 14,000 hours of flight experience, General Yeager attributes personal achievement to having high goals as a young person: "My beginnings back in West Virginia tell who I am to this day. Mom and Dad taught by example. Whatever I did, I determined to do the best I could do at it. Through the Young Eagles Program, kids can learn to set high goals in all walks of life."

Isaac Soorian (L) & Vinod (R) checking out the Cessna Citation Jet's cockpit

New Int. Chairman
Harrison Ford

Over the course of his career, Harrison Ford has become one of the most popularly acclaimed actors of our time. Aside from his acting career, he also has a deep interest and passion for aviation, which has led him to assume the Chairmanship of EAA’s Young Eagles program on March 8, 2004.

After earning his private pilot certificate in 1996, Ford has added a number of additional ratings to his aviation resume, including a taildragger endorsement and ratings to fly single-engine seaplanes, helicopters and on instruments. He owns several aircraft including a deHavilland Beaver; Bell 407 helicopter; an Aviat Husky; a Beech A-36 Bonanza and a Cessna Grand Caravan. A member of EAA since 1996, Ford is an EAA Young Eagle Flight Leader with EAA Chapter 1049 and has flown nearly 250 Young Eagles in his Beaver and helicopter since he first participated in the program in 2001.[Read more]











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