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Built by : Stanley Tiong Ying Siew
Type : High wing STOL 2 seater
Materials : Wings and tail section - all aluminium
________ _Body fuselage and cowling - factory molded fibre glass
Engine : Rotax 914 (turbo-charged)
Propeller: Warp Drive 3 bladed, ground adjustable, carbon fibre propeller.
Performance : Take-off Run- 500ft
Landing - 800ft
Cruise speed- 80mph
Stall speed - 44mph
Fuel endurance : 4:30 hrs
Fuel Type : Unleaded Mogas
Fuel consumption: 19 litres per hour

Cost : USD 32K (excluding avionics)

Remarks : The performance of my Pelican is even better than the conventional Cessna 150 series. It gives me great pleasure to build and fly it. This plane has landed in all the airports in Sarawak and Sabah; covering a long stretch of golden coast-line and the vast interior greens of Northern Borneo. "Every attempt to land in the small airfield is a challenge and great experience. It also offers the joy of meeting the various tribes of the rural folks."


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