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AIC's are Aeronautical Information Circulars published by the Department of Civil Aviation to inform the aviation community on a given aspect(s) of aviation. AIC's are published as part of the Amendment Services by the Aeronautical Information Publication Office at DCA Headquarters in Subang.

A list of AIC's covering Sport Aviation activities have been published. For references to Amateur Built Aircraft and Personnel Licensing for Private Pilots you will have to study the following AIC's :

•AIC 2/97

16 Jan

Requirements for the Training and Issue of The Private Pilots License PPL (A) and the Restricted Private Pilots Licence PPL (A) Rtd. for the Operations of Microlight/ Homebuilt/ Kitplanes

 •AIC 5/97

22 Apr

Microlight & Kitplanes Operations in Malaysia

Other AIC's concerning Sport Aviation that have been published are :

• AIC 7/97

28 Jul

Glider Flying Operations in Malaysia

AIC 11/2000

27 Mar

Free Balloon Pilot License

AIC 12/2000

27 Mar

Foot Launched Powered Flying Machine (FLPFM)

AIC 13/2001

8 Nov

Parachute Jumping



Copies of the above AIC's may be obtained from EAA Malaysia at cost.




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