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THE MERLIN... a magic airplane to fly!!

Built by : Capt Siva, President EAA Malaysia
Type : High wing STOL bush plane with two seats
Materials : Built from a Kit of, Welded steel tube fuselage, built up wing with Styrofoam wing ribs, Aluminum spars, drag and lift struts.
Fabric covered with Stits Polyfibre. Welded steel tail group.
Engine : CAM 100HP, Honda Civic 1498cc Auto conversion with propeller reduction drive.
Propeller: Warp Drive 3 bladed, ground adjustable, carbon fibre propeller.
Performance : Take-off Run- 500ft
Landing - 800ft (over Obstacle)
Cruise speed- 80mph
Stall speed - 45mph
Fuel endurance : 3:00 hrs
Fuel Type : Mogas
Fuel consumption: 15 litres per hour

Cost : RM 100K Total ( in 1995 )

Remarks : Total satisfaction and flying at RM50/- per hour
cannot be matched by any similarly capable Sport
Plane. Who says you can't have affordable fun....


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