Centennial Year of Flight

__A Century has passed, the World has changed and we have reached for the stars.
That’s where it began…… at Kitty Hawk and that’s what the World of Aviation is set to remember, come the 17th of December 2003…….ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL POWERED FLIGHT.

__The EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA and by extension, its network of International Chapters around the World are all set to remember the two brothers with a ‘can do’ spirit that made these things possible. They were the original ‘Homebuilders,’ a title that EAA members identify with. The Centennial Year of Flight Commission was created by Congressional decree to ensure that the efforts of the Wright Brothers were remembered and honored in suitable fashion. They will be remembered and honored by the Aviation world in very many ways this year.
Leading the celebrations, EAA America will conduct numerous activities, culminating in an actual flight of a completely replicated Wright Flyer built by EAA members authentic in every way, including its fabric cover, which incidentally was traced to its original source….a women’s undergarments manufacturer!!

__In Malaysia, EAA, represented by Chapter 1090, is also set to honour the Wright Brothers achievements by a series of commemorative Aviation Events that is specially designed to attract the Sport Flyer.

__We invite all members of the Sport Flying Community in entire ASIA to join us in these Commemorative Events. We are going to conduct the following Aviation Events, dates and venues for which will be announced in Wings Over Asia, as they are finalized.


An Aeromodelling Show ( YES, We are into the miniatures as they are valid aviation too!)


An Asia wide FLYING COMPETITIONS, based on
Precision flying tasks by teams of Competitors


A special Commemorative Flight to the AirVenture Airshow
At Oshkosh, home of the EAA, by Charter 747 ( see separate
Notice and information in WOA website


A ‘2003’ kilometer Sport Aviation Air Race open to all
classes of light aircraft and pilots. Prizes to be won.


A Young Eagles Aviation Adventure Camp for youth aged
thirteen to eighteen


A Centennial of Flight Exhibition with interactive displays
and a special memorial service in honor of the Wrights
On 17th Dec 2003.

__If YOU are mad keen on Aviation and wish to get involved and help us organize these Commemorative Aviation Events, you are welcome to contact us through Wings Over Asia.com or contact us at eaa1090@yahoo.com

ALL Welcome………………


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