Centennial Year of Flight

Well, that’s why you’re here, looking at Eaa-Malaysia , because you’re an Aviator……and aviation began on 17th December…1903 to be exact!

__On 17th December 1903, on the lonely and deserted sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, two hardy inventors gathered in the Winter daylight attempting something long dreamed of by Man, powered flight.
The craft in which they were going to attempt this looked frail; bamboo, wood, cloth fabric, piano wire, slender wooden propellers, anaemic looking engine….all these held that craft together.
Two thin haggard looking individuals, clad in black coats and beret hats assisted by a few (five exactly), curious onlookers and the wheeling seagulls were all that were present as witnesses. What were they up to. Well, at 1035 am this day, the World knew and woke up to Man’s first ever Powered Flight……and the World has never been the same again.

__Mounted on wooden rails, much like a train, the craft named ‘The Wright Flyer’, as it was called after the two men’s family Name, fired up its puny 12 horsepower petrol engine. The two propeller arrangement turned slowly, raising a small blast of sand . the wind blew at ten to fifteen knots. The craft looked like it was going backwards, the ‘driver’, lying prone on the craft. The driver’s partner took up position by the right wing’s tip, steadying the craft and it was off to a start. Accelerating, very slowly on the rails the craft moved shakily, all the time being steadied by the man on the right wing tip. Then it became airborne, as it passed the end of the rails, it was less than three feet above the sand. Leveled out, the Flyer continued its climb to about ten feet; then dipped sharply, rose again, dipped again and came up. About a hundred feet from the start point, it made a sudden downward dip covering a further twenty feet and then the skids made contact with the sand again and the craft came to a stop……

12 seconds, 120 feet………..History had been made.



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