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How To Build and Operate a Homebuilt Aircraft in Malaysia

When you have reached this stage where you have completed your plane, test flown it and qualified yourself to fly it you will experience an emotional high, difficult to describe here. You will experience self satisfaction and a confidence that will show every time you fly your own dream machine. Now that you have an airplane, you're going to ask, "What can I do with it?"

You could do a lot with it depending on its particular capabilities. If it is an ultralight you will be allowed to operate it within the confines of an Ultralight Air Park, typically 5 km radius from the authorised operating ground.

If it is a regular airplane with communications capability you may be allowed to operate in the National Airspace System. You may fly from one point to another point ie. cross-country travel.

Most importantly, you will bring your very own dream machine to EAA Fly-Ins around the country where you will be the 'star' around your flying machine. You will answer questions on how you built it, where you built it, and give rides to interested people, all the time aware that you did it all by yourself. At this point, EAA Malaysia will take a back seat position, satisfied in having reached out to one more Sport Flying enthusiast in its mission to promote Sport Flying in Malaysia.




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