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How To Build and Operate a Homebuilt Aircraft in Malaysia

When you have registered your project, you will be assigned an EAA 'Technical Counsellor' (TC). The TC is an EAA member who is technically qualified to give you advice as your project takes shape. He will become your mentor, friend and confidante in all matters of your project. The TC is recognised by the DCA as a competent individual and will eventually accept his recommendations to issue your project a "PERMIT TO FLY". The Permit to Fly is an authorised document giving you the right to fly your airplane when completed. This document will require annual renewal and again your TC will recommend its renewal when he is satisfied (for your own safety's sake) that you have maintained your vehicle as prescribed. Happy so far? Your will rapidly take shape from here-on! When your project is finally ready to fly, you will have to ask yourself a very pertinent question. Are you qualified to fly what you have just built? You could be a qualified pilot or not, but more importantly you must seriously ask yourself if you are really qualified to fly this "particular airplane." Airplanes come in such varied shapes, sizes and performance capabilities that it is impossible for a pilot to be qualified on every machine. This is why we will provide you a 'Flight Advisor' (FA). The EAA designated Flight Advisor is usually a very well qualified pilot, who is assigned the task of advertising EAA builders on the best way to go about test flying and eventually certifying you to fly it. He is not a test pilot but he helps you prepare and plan all test flights with your safety in mind. EAA Malaysia's Flight Advisors are also Flight Instructors. If you need flying instruction, your Flight Advisor will point you in the right direction, - if not instruct you himself.


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