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How To Build and Operate a Homebuilt Aircraft in Malaysia

The Dept. of Civil Aviation (DCA) which is the government agency responsible for all civil aviation activity in Malaysia, has recently conferred 'oversight organisation' status to EAA Malaysia. This means that EAA will be responsible to the DCA for monitoring all home built aircraft activity. By registering your interest in a particular project, the DCA will be kept informed of another 'dream' taking shape by an EAA member.

When your plans or kit arrives in Malaysia you will have to find a place to build it: This could be a spacious garage at home or at an EAA operating base where you can build your project. For first timers, a DCA 'approved' kit is highly recommended. Being technically curious and adept of course helps but you could learn along the way by taking part in EAA Malaysia's activities to educate yourself in aviation technology. The whole family can be involved, in fact we encourage children above 12 to take part in EAA members' building projects.



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