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How To Build and Operate a Homebuilt Aircraft in Malaysia

Building and operating man-carrying aircraft is POSSIBLE! In this context 'aircraft' refers to all manner of flying machines from balloons, gliders, ultralight powered machines, rotorcraft and of course your normal looking airplane.

A history of the growing popularity in building and operating one's own airplanes reveals that this activity was popularised, especially in the United States of America, among aviation enthusiasts who were increasingly facing a rising cost of purchasing or renting regular airplanes. The situation was created largely by a crisis existing in the product liability litigation climate. Major manufacturers of training and touring single engine aircraft, Cessna and Piper, slowed, then completely stopped their production of these popular airplanes in the 80's. What was left of the world's fleet has gradually and steadily dwindled down in numbers since. This had far reaching effects including the Sport Flying scene in Malaysia which saw a steady decline of private flying activities since the 80's. So here we are in a situation which mirrors the same frustrations facing our fellow enthusiasts, not only here in the U.S. but also worldwide. The solution? How about building it yourself!!

Your first move should be to join EAA Malaysia! We are a group of enthusiasts, just like you, and our task is to help people like yourself to enjoy Sport Aviation in all its varied forms available. The EAA represents you!

How one chooses to build an airplane depends on one's requirements and budget. You could build an airplane from plans, partial kits or full kits and there are more than five hundred of these available from around the world. Or... you could even design your own!


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