Young Eagle Hit One Million, 

Message from EAA President : Tom Peberezny                                                                                                                 

Tom Poberezny makes the announcement of the 1 millionth EAA Young Eagle. Photo by Lee Ann Abrams.

Dear EAA Members;

Today is truly a day to celebrate! As of this morning, we have successfully completed our initial goal of flying 1 million Young Eagles. If I had the opportunity, I would congratulate each of you personally for your role in reaching this historic milestone, but with an army of more than 85,000 volunteers who have supported the program over the past decade, this letter will have to express my appreciation.

The 1-million mark was reached because of you. You and your fellow members wholeheartedly believe in the mission of Young Eagles, which is to introduce young people to the world of aviation and provide an inspiring flight experience. You have now done that more than 1 million times since July 31, 1992. Many in the aviation world thought our goal was impossible. You proved them wrong. We can be extremely proud of what has been accomplished.

This has been a journey of discovery and we have learned much along the way. When Young Eagles was launched, it was thought to be a good idea. Today, as we celebrate this accomplishment, the success of the program proves it.

Young Eagles represents one of the most significant achievements in aviation. We have given the gift of flight to more children and families than any other civilian program in history. The reasons for our success are many, but your "can-do spirit," your attention to high standards and dedication to safety are among the most important.

So does that mean that it's over and we stop flying Young Eagles? No. The program will continue into the future because you have told us how important it is to remain involved with young people, working together to build aviation's future. Young Eagles has become a part of the very fabric of EAA. Our mission is too significant to stop now.

                                                                                 The much-anticipated announcement was made  at the EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh. Photo by Trisha Lundquist.

Young Eagles is working. We are promoting aviation. We are bringing children and flight together in a meaningful way. We are making a difference in the lives of young people. We have provided motivation for children to stay in school or pursue lofty goals, such as attending a military academy. A significant number of former Young Eagles have earned their pilot's license and have returned to fly their own Young Eagles, completing the journey started with their initial flight.

The Young Eagles program will continue to provide a high-quality, satisfying experience for young people. In addition, your headquarters staff will strive to provide the tools and support our Young Eagles desire, as they explore all the world of aviation is able to offer them. Young Eagles will build aviation's next century.

Thanks for your effort, leadership and dedication.


Tom Poberezny
EAA President



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